Food Safety Systems

Legislation and other regulatory measures aimed at ensuring that the food we eat is safe and handled hygienically are probably one of the oldest statutory arrangements to be found in society. Through the ages, a need existed for controlling the activities of people whose actions were aimed at producing, processing, manufacturing, or preparing food intended for consumption by others, by means of what is today generally referred to as food laws. Originally, these measures were religion-based but nevertheless aimed at protecting people from the real as well as potential risks to their health and general well being which can derive from contaminated or unsafe food.

Why all this?

Thus, to ensure effective food control, it is crucial that South Africa’s Food Safety Control Program contains food control regulatory activities that are enforced by businesses themselves and local authorities to provide consumer protection, by thus ensuring our responsibility towards our customers and staff in a safe and suitable environment for consumption thereof.

What u can expect regarding ongoing support from Monument Cleaning Solutions:

  • Random compliance checks regarding Hygiene, Health, and Safety
  • Access to relevant documentation via online website
  • Assistance regarding shortcomings and non-compliance
  • Ongoing support regarding compliance levels in store
  • Ongoing support regarding training requirements
  • Compiling of compliance reports during store visits as well as 2 hygiene swaps with results
  • Ongoing store visits to ensure compliance

The above is subject to an average spend with Monument Cleaning Solutions of R 2 500.00 on a monthly basis across all product categories.

All prices are excluding VAT within a 100 km radius of Roodepoort Gauteng.

Outside the radius is subject to a traveling charge as per the pricing provided by Monument Cleaning Solutions.

Hygiene Buddy System

Food Industry Proposal

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