Why Monument Cleaning Solutions






Dedicated Training Personnel And Controllers

Ensuring your business 100% compliance regarding policy’s, procedures and processes at all times. Identify problem areas regarding in-store checks and audits and correct via necessary training.

Supplier Of Environmental Friendly SABS, Food Grade, Bio-Degradable Products

Monument Cleaning Solutions is a supplier of several easy to use effective cleaning products to various sectors in the market.  We regard product quality as one of the most important factors in today’s competitive market.

We aim to supply quality, easy to use highly cost-effective cleaning products. All containers are pre-sealed from the factory, insuring you of consistent quality at all times. We strive to ensure that the products we supply are multifunctional, thus minimizing the number of products used. We supply a full range of general cleaner’s, biocide cleaners, food-safe products, floor and carpet care products, degreasers, car care products, household, office, and workshop products.

  • For all the products above the SABS, certificates are available.
  • All Data and Material safety sheets on all products are also attached for your info. All stores will also be issued with a Data and Safety sheet for viewing on store visits by the local council or health inspectors.

Centralized Invoicing And Ordering System

For controlling, managing, and prompt service of all orders, request, concerns or complaints as well as invoicing we will make use of a centralized office that will handle all communication between stores and escalate issues arising. They will then intern notify the correct people in your area to action the points as professional as possible.

Dedicated Delivery Fleet

A fleet of vehicles to deliver the required stock promptly to your premises to ensure you of stock at all times.

Supplier Of HACCP Approved Sundries And Equipment To Food Industry

Top-quality products at wholesale prices to provide business with the A-Z in all there cleaning requirements. Our ability to purchase in bulk will not only provide you the lowest prices but also with the peace of mind of stock availability at all times across the wide range of products available.

Dedicated Representatives From Monument Cleaning Solutions

Dedicated personnel calling on stores on an ongoing basis to assist with orders, over and under product usage, stock responsibility as well as handling concerns, requests as well as general day-to-day related issues. They will also be responsible for follow up training regarding hygiene, health, and safety-related issues.

Setting And Maintaining The Standards Within The Industry

Representing business unit on local as we at regional level regarding processes and procedures set out by government or local council, ensuring the latest and most updated procedures in your business at all times.

Credit Facilities

On the completion and acceptance of a credit application, the business will be supplied with an account facility with prior agreed payment terms. Detailed monthly statements will be provided after the 3 of each month. Interest will be charged in the event that payment commitment is not adhered to as per credit conditions.

We ensure you the best possible services at all times.


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